About Us

How are we different

At GDN Apparel not only do we focus on having unique and modern designs.  We make sure we use the highest quality materials to create our apparel. We don’t only want you to rock our apparel on competition day, but we strive to have you wear our stuff all day, every day. We want our clothing to be the first shirt you grab out the dryer when making that Walmart run or going to dinner with the fam. We want you looking in the mirror saying, “I look so good in this shirt.” In a nutshell, we feel that in the future if you aren't rocking GDN, then we did something wrong. 

So, now you know that we have pretty lofty goals for our GDN brand. We understand that to accomplish our goals, we have to be both innovative and strategic with how we approach our designs. As such, our designs go through a rigorous evaluation process aiming to be desired across all demographics.