Who are we

Who are we (Our Inspiration)

Our story is simple. The world of gymnastics is changing. When you walk into a competition, you are more likely to hear a hip hop instrumental being used as floor music than a classical piece. Gymnasts are evolving to doing dances that mimic the moves from the “do it like me challenge” instead of the traditional, contemporary style dance we are accustomed to seeing.  The sport of gymnastics is getting some swag. The only thing that is not changing is the parent swag. Most parent apparel companies still make spirit wear as “blah” as ever.    

As a father of a gymnast, I felt the shirts that were out there for me to wear was tired and unoriginal! My wife came home with her Navy Blue bedazzled shirt, and I was like “where’s my dad shirt.” Her response was, “oh, I knew you wouldn’t want to wear the dad shirt, so I didn’t bother.” She was right! I mean can a guy get a shirt with a little swag to it. I am not asking for a custom made tee but let me get something other than the box-shape, stiff cheap tee with the old cliches like “she flips, I pay” or “such-and-such’s ATM.” My point is I needed something with a little swag. I could tell most of the effort was put into the mom's shirts. At that point, I figured I was pretty good at Photoshop and Illustrator, and I was a self-proclaimed fashion guru, so I figured I would create my own gymnastics dad shirt, and one year later, here we are. 

We figured that by combining both a male and female approach in our apparel, we could create clothing that would appeal to both genders regardless of age or demographics and add some much-needed swag to gymnastics spirit wear.