Spotlight Application

Welcome to our gymnast spotlight application.  Being a coach, I have learned many things over the years. One of the most impactful lessons I have been fortunate enough to learn is the concept that being an athlete is just a small, tiny piece of who most people are. While sitting at a track meet with my track team, I hear young athletes talk about a whole host of things, none of which pertain to the track. They talk about the newest music. They talk about which people at school they don’t like and who they do like. Athletes talk about who they think is cute on the track team and which athlete irritates them. In general, sports are just a part of who a person is but not a definition of who they are.  The goal of the gymnast spotlight is to give athletes an opportunity for viewers to learn about who they are outside of the sporting arena. The profile questions are designed not to be intrusive or give away personal athlete information.  The spotlight allows readers to get a glimpse at the person and not just the athlete.   


Who qualifies for an Athlete Spotlight?

In a nutshell, any youth who participates in the sport of gymnastics or track at a competitive level. We are looking for a variety of athletes, young and old. Athletes don’t have to be a superstar.  We are not looking for the next Simone Biles or the next Nikita Nagornyy. All you have to do is be exciting and cool. 

How do I submit an application?

Go below and fill out the application. After the application is submitted, we will begin to do a review to ensure the information is authentic. 

How long does my spotlight run?

If selected, a spotlight will run for approximately 30 days. During those 30 days, any blogs that are released will have the athlete spotlight featured in it. 

How do you choose athletes?

Once we get an application, we do a high-level review of the authenticity of the application. Being chosen doesn’t depend on your social media popularity or marketing potential. The goal of the athlete spotlight doesn’t revolve around selling swag or getting more readers. The purpose of the spotlight is to 100% highlight the qualities and personality of the athlete.  

How will I know if my profile is approved?

Once we finish the review, your profile will be approved, and you will get an approval email. Getting approved means your athlete’s profile will be slotted for the next available release date. Once approved, parents (or athletes) can log in and edit the profile as much as they like until 24hrs before release. At 24 hours, the profile becomes un-editable, so the GDN team can go in and make sure the profile is ready for release. 48 hours before release, parents(or athletes) will receive an image of the banner that will be used for the profile.