Our Mission

Our mission at GDN Apparel is simple. We want every gymnast, mom, dad, brother, sister, auntie, uncle, cousin, grandma, grandpa and that lady that you call auntie but she isn't your auntie.  We want all those people rocking GDN apparel. To accomplish that we need the following four things

  1. Dope designs (which we have)
  2. High quality and comfy apparel (which we have) 
  3. Excellent customer service (which we have)
  4. Amazing people representing our swag (working on it, which is why we need you) 

 Our Ambassadors.  

GDN Apparal is always looking for fun, friendly folks to rock and represent our swag. We want our ambassadors to be full of personality. We believe our swag isn’t the typical bland garments sold today by other gymnastics apparel companies.   Given that fact, we want our ambassadors to match our image, vision, and style.  

Currently, we are getting the tech in place to support our ambassador's program.   Although our ambassador's program is not entirely up and running yet, we are taking applications. Please fill out the form below if interested. 

What is a GDN Brand Ambassador

Pretty simple, a GDN Ambassador shares their experiences with GDN on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. When you post something on IG you tag us with the hashtag #GDNApparel. On Facebook you share your experiences with us.  

Our Process

Once we get your application, we do a little background research. First and most importantly, we are looking for people who are very active on social media. What we are not looking for is the serial ambassador(you know who you are). We like to hook our ambassadors up with discounts, ‘sneak peeks” and free gear, but we don’t want someone only looking for a “hook up.” The first thing we check for is the applicant supported GDN Apparel in the past which we know is kind of hard since we just opened. 

Outside Of Gear What Else Wear Offer

Being a dad of a gymnast, I hope that one day this gymnastics “thing” will pay off in the likes of a scholarship. Being a track coach, I know earning scholarships is difficult because there are so few scholarships and so many people vying for one. Unless you are “that chick” of a gymnast getting a scholarship will very much come down to exposure. As such, all our ambassadors will be a given a FREE, “say it again preacha” “ a F.R.E.E” profile account on your soon to be released gymnast profiles site ( "now let the church say amen."